MineSkill Network
Rules List

These following rules apply to all servers connected to MineSkill.uk. This also includes the MineSkill Discord server, forums and any other websites/Service connected to us.

By playing on our amazing network, you agree to follow our rules listed. Failure to follow these rules can result in a Warn, Kick, Mute and even a ban from joining our Network. These rules apply to Members, Donors of the servers, and overall everyone! Anyone can be reported using the forums in the Player Reports section or the Staff Reports Section.

Using another account such as an alt or using McLeeks to play as another account is banned isn't allowed. If you are seen in the act of Ban Evading by a staff member, you'll be IP-banned from the server on all of your Minecraft accounts .

*Network rules do not apply to our higher administration team. This includes the following staff members: FreddieFoxtrot, CillianN. These staff will follow the network rules in most cases, though they are not required too. For issues involving the Staff Team, please contact CillianN or FreddieFoxtrot directly.

Respect Authority.
All staff members of MineSkill are to be treated with respect. Our staff members work hard to keep our network running smoothly and to enforce our rules. If you have an issue with a Staff Member, please make a Staff Report on our forums. Do not insult or harass the Staff Members in-game or on the forums. Failure to follow this rule can lead to punishments.

No Advertising.
Advertising other servers on MineSkill in-game will result in a Perm Ban from the server and on the forums. This includes sharing an IP, Website/Domain ( other then MineSkill ) in global chat, Private Messages, Signs, ect...

Advertising YouTube and or Twitch channels if you don't have our servers YouTube/Twitch streamer rank on MineSkill network is not allowed. Persons with the YouTube/Streamer rank are allowed to advertise it though.

No Impersonation
Do not pretend to be someone your not, and have powers you don't have. This includes faking about being Staff, a YouTube/Twitch streamer with a rank on MineSkill, a dev, ect... Also having the words "Helper", "Moderator", "Sr.Moderator", "Administrator", "Head-Admin", "Manager" or "Owner" in your Nickname isn't allowed at all!

People who trick other players into thinking they are indeed staff members on MineSkill could get a punishment up to a Perm and or IP ban from MineSkill.

No Spamming.
Spam of any type is not permitted. The Minimal requirement for it to be considered spam includes, but is not restricted to, posting the same or similar message consecutively, a repetitive number of times within the space or a few seconds. Messages conspiring of all or large amount of caps. Spam will also not be tolerated on the forums either. Spamming posts or threads on the forums will get your account locked or banned for a a limited amount of time. Extreme use of caps on the forums also goes under the "No spamming rule".

Inappropriate Content
Do not post any Inappropriate Content in any messaging system on MineSkill or Global Chat. Swearing on the MineSkill network is allowed, though Inappropriate & Explicit is not. Links to Pornography, extreme gore and Nudity.

Be Respectful and Mindful to all other player on the MineSkill network. Everyone is here to have fun. Do not bully, harass or make fun of other players. Insulting your friend for a joke is fine, as long as they see it as a joke and it is in a private message.

The following is not allowed in public chats, but fine in private as long as it is not found by the opposing player to be insulting.

-Remarks about disabilities
-Religious Remarks

No Offensive/Nude skins or capes.
Skins that are Offensive or Sexually explicit are not permitted on MineSkills network. Every player seen with a Skin/Cape like this will be warned at first sight, but doing this again will result in further punishments Same goes for capes.

Client Mods/Hacked Clients
The use of a Minecraft Client Mod on the MineSkill network is Strictly moderated and monitored. Although some types of modifications of allowed, you are in charge for all things that go on with your Minecraft account even if you are un-aware that the mod is not allowed!

What is a Blacklisted Modification
Anything which gives you an advantage over another player or staff member in-game is a Blacklisted modification. Also, clients that send data to our server is also forbidden from our network.

Allowed Modifications
List of Allowed Mods
- 1. Minimaps- (As long as you have entity & player radar (entity tracking) disabled)
- 2. Optifine
- 3. Shaders
- 4. Too Many Items
- 5. Not Enough Items
- 6. Status Effect Huds
- 7. Armor Status Huds
- 8. Coordinates Mods
- 9. Mouse Tweaks
- 10. Inventory Tweaks
- 11. 5zig

List of Disallowed Client Mods
- 1. Nuker
- 2. X-Ray
- 3. Scenters
- 4. Hacked Clients
- 5. ForceField
- 6. Smart Moving
- 7. Toggle Jumps Mods
- 8. Player Radars or Tracers
- 9. Autoswitch
- 10. Ghost Clients
- 11. Fly
- 12. Schematica printer

Note: Anything else that isn't on the allowed list is NOT ALLOWED, however, if you're unsure if your client is not allowed, contact a member of staff.

Donator Perk Rules
Once you donate to MineSkill, you are not excluded from the rules. You are to follow every rule the same, however you are required to follow, the following rules:

- Do not falsely kick/warn a player.
- Do not threaten to kick/warn a player for an invalid reason.
- On CNR Classic/Alcatraz do not grief the prison.
- On CNR Classic/Alcatraz do not hand out items to players.
- Do no spawn in items from creative, to kill players whilst in survival.
- Do not kill players whilst in creative mode on CNR Classic/Alcatraz.
- Do not impersonate someone using the /nick command.
- Do not grief the prison on CNR Classic/Alcatraz. This includes, but is not limited to using TNT, breaking the

Breaking any of these following rules may result in a loss of your rank!

*Macros are not allowed, nor are keybindings to make macros.