Name: Jack Frester

Age: 15

Timezone: Eastern Time

Discord ID: N/A (Don't use discord)

Do you have a microphone?: Yes, but it is broken.

Rank you are applying for?: Helper

How many hours could you commit weekly?: 35+

Any past punishments on the MineSkill Network?: To be honest, I have been muted for 30 minutes just once for "Player Disrespect"

Do you have any past experience? (Provide Evidence): No, I do not. I am willing to try here first.

Why should we accept you from all the other candidates?: I would like to make sure everyone follows the rules - I know I will. There are so many spammers and people have even threatened me by impersonating an admin and saying they will ban me. I do not want this to happen to anyone else. I speak English well as it's my first language, and I am one of the few who use correct grammar. I can easily calm a situation. I also have good knowledge of hacked clients and can spot a hacker from a mile away. I have made many friends on this server, and want to prove the staff isn't all that bad.

What is your greatest strength and weakness?:

My greatest strength would probably be my knowledge of other players and my knowledge of hacked clients. I have met nearly everyone on the server, and know a lot about most of them. I know which ones are most likely to hack and which are most likely to speak innapropriately (ex. racism)
My greatest weakness would be fact that I've made enemies with a few of the staff members, but only 3 at most.