Name: Antepartum (Tyler)
Age: 19 Years Young
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
Discord ID: Antepartum#4230
Do you have a microphone?: Yes I do
Rank you are applying for?: Admin
How many hours could you commit weekly?: 10 give or take
Any past punishments on the MineSkill Network?: No I do not.
Do you have any past experience? (Provide Evidence):
Yes, I will talk about the major server roles that I was apart of in my past. I was a NetWork Admin of a server called Xethon Hub a few years back when RPG factions, and Survival Zombies was a thing. The server ran a good 50-70 players at a time and I was with the server for a good year and a half. I left the server due to it being shut down. I was also the Head Moderator of the old faction youtubers FriskyYT and Trekks Proelium Factions server. The server ran a good 100+ players for about 2 months (very short lived). The server closed after that time due to both Owners quitting youtube along with minecraft. I also owned my own server DeniedPvP around 2016. The server was ran by me and my good friend KBS. We ran a good 25-40 player base for about a year with 3 resets until I closed to server due to me quitting minecraft for sometime. No, most of my proof was on my old computer that broke, and on my youtube channel which I took my videos down. I do have to say I recently joined back in the minecraft community so most of my staffing positions were from quite sometime ago.

Why should we accept you from all the other candidates?: I feel that I am a very applicable person for this position. I feel that I am very mature, professional, and trustworthy. I know I can bring a some what leadership role to the staff and community among. A lot of people apply for staff positions for the wrong reasons weather it be status, perks, but my main reasoning is to help players, the community, and not just playing the game. Majority of my time online will never be playing any of the game modes but helping and making sure everyone is in a nice and safe environment for the game.
What is your greatest strength and weakness?
I am a very positive person. I like to treat everyone fairly and give players the benefit of the doubt. I know how to work well in mostly any situation that is brought up to me. I am also looked upon is a leader, I like to be able to make decisons because I always do it fairly and to the best of my abilities.
I sometimes talk a lot and get off track. I am a very talkative person and I love to interact with people.